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Passed the Bar Exam!

What a relief! I was starting to worry about it a lot with the announcement coming up. But now I can celebrate. It was especially rewarding for me because I spent exactly $0 (ZERO) on bar prep courses. A professor at my law school offered a "supplemental" prep course on weekends throughout the year and twice a week during the summer. I did well enough on early mock bars that I felt confident about taking his course and then studying on my own. I'm going to send that professor a nice email; he saved me a few thousand dollars!

On the work front, I accepted a one year position at my firm. It's not as an attorney, but mostly paralegal work. Temporarily, I'm like a paralegal with a law degree. But with the job market the way it is, I figured it would be a good idea to work for a year, really becoming an expert in one field (probate), then try my hand at finding an attorney job next fall. They said they would like to take me on as a lawyer down the road if possible (meaning if they can afford it). I hope that happens, because I love it there. We found out I passed at about 1:00, and by closing time they had a bottle of wine ready and toasted me!

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\o/ CONGRATS!!! That's so awesome! I think your plan to start out as a paralegal-type is a good one;like you said, hopefully there will be room in the budget to promote you later on, and the experience will be good for you either way.

Yep. It was funny sitting in the partner's meeting when they offered me the position. They were all trying persuade me to take the job! We'll see where it all leads. For now, I don't have kids or any major expenses, so I don't need to make a huge salary. No pressure to make six figures right out of law school.

Congrats. You have your license and you are employed. A big step up. Best of luck,

Mazel Tov! That's awesome, Baka! *huggles*

Oh, I got a lot of huggles today from co-workers and parents. M and D took me out to Longhorn Steakhouse to celebrate. Mmmm...

Congrats! I know you are thrilled all that stress is over!

Definitely! After not really thinking about it for a few months, I was starting to worry with the deadline approaching. You know, I could have done this better, why didn't I study that more, etc. So glad it's all over.

Well now if this whole fiasco wasn't meant to be. Here I am out of nowhere trying to log into my NEVER used LJ account because of a message annanova sent me the day before yesterday, and of course I couldn't log in at first 'cause I forgot my password, and the screen kept popping up in Japanese for some bizarre reason and it turned into a total circus, but that just got me more bound and determined to get it working and get myself logged in when originally I didn't even care...and then I go and find this little doozy of an announcement?! Dated today?! So not only am I not out of the loop, I'm not even late! Yay! If LJ had been working properly I would have responded to annanova two days ago and totally missed this news. Congratulations indeed! KingLawyerBaka! :-)

We seem to have those coincidences. Remember the first fanfiction I ever posted?

Oh how could I forget? Your take on 'Dying Confession', with a number of original twists, if memory serves. You've certainly blossomed into quite the original author these days, coming up with plot devices I've never seen done before. Even Metamorphosis, while the 'Kagome turns into a hanyou' thing has been done before, was full of all sorts of unique twists and turns, and Entrapment is certainly nothing like anything *I've* ever come across before. And busting out such awesome works of art while simultaneously juggling your studies for the bar exam? Kudos again! :-)

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