Passed the Bar Exam!

What a relief! I was starting to worry about it a lot with the announcement coming up. But now I can celebrate. It was especially rewarding for me because I spent exactly $0 (ZERO) on bar prep courses. A professor at my law school offered a "supplemental" prep course on weekends throughout the year and twice a week during the summer. I did well enough on early mock bars that I felt confident about taking his course and then studying on my own. I'm going to send that professor a nice email; he saved me a few thousand dollars!

On the work front, I accepted a one year position at my firm. It's not as an attorney, but mostly paralegal work. Temporarily, I'm like a paralegal with a law degree. But with the job market the way it is, I figured it would be a good idea to work for a year, really becoming an expert in one field (probate), then try my hand at finding an attorney job next fall. They said they would like to take me on as a lawyer down the road if possible (meaning if they can afford it). I hope that happens, because I love it there. We found out I passed at about 1:00, and by closing time they had a bottle of wine ready and toasted me!


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