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Squirrels are crazy
The other day I'm sitting at my computer, eating peanuts with the window open.  Then I hear a thunk against the glass, and I look up to see a squirrel trying to poke his face through.  He wanted that jar of peanuts bad!  I didn't want him to ruin my screen, so I quickly shut the window and he ran off.  Hyper little thing.  Good thing the screen was there, because I did not want to get attacked by a hungry, frightened squirrel. 

On another note, I've been listening to my Rush greatest hits cd in the car for a whole week.  I can't get enough of it.  I definitely see why Neil Peart is considered one of the best rock drummers ever. 

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We have bold raccoons in our neighborhood. I'll go out to let the dogs out and they'll be hanging out on our deck furniture all, "Hey! What's up? Got any peanuts?" That is why I have to go out before the dogs at night, else we have scuffles.

Wow, those ARE bold raccoons!

The squirrels are the only reason I go to class some days. Had it been me I would have been trying to feed the little guy! I wouldn't be able to help myself, really. I don't think him all that wild if he was willing to hang on your screen to get to your snacks.

I went to iTunes and added some Rush to my wishlist. I'm a fan of Journey.

I like Journey's two most famous songs, but who doesn't?

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