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Not Happy with
So I'm trying to respond to a review on  I go to my page, and it asks me to complete this Harry Potter survey.  I close out and try again, but the damn thing is persistent.  So I play along.  Then I get to the end of the survey and it asks for my name and email address.  What gives?  Why is so stupid?  If you have to use advertisements, then fine.  But don't force me to go through something that's going to make me give out personal information!  That is excessive and abusive.  Needless to say I closed out and decided to try again later.  Has anyone else had this problem before? 

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I was able to close the page without filling out the meme or providing personal information. It still asked me if I wanted to navigate away from the page. I agree that even though they may need the money these persistent pop-up ads are very annoying. ffnet pop-ups have always been annoying since they pop-up every time you navigate to a new chapter or new story, but these force you to close the page. At least you can get rid of them by closing the page. Some pop-up ads require a complete shutdown of the system.

I don't mind the ads; the websites have to make money somehow. But don't post this big long thing that asks for personal information.

Firefox with adblock. Only way to go.

I have Firefox, but I usually don't use it, probably out of habit more than anything else. Thanks for the tip.

AdBlockPlus - very very wonderful to use! Though only available with Mozilla. IE has nothing to block garbage like this.

I have Firefox, but I usually don't use it, probably out of habit more than anything else. Thanks for the tip.

That's odd, cuz I just replied to a PM convo I'm having over there, along with thanking 2 people for faves, and no silly surveys at all. I wonder what's up with it.

Eh, I think it picks people at random. Sometimes I don't get anything either.

Aaah... so you were the lucky duck then, hunh? ;p I have never gotten anything so silly yet. I guess they haven't gotten around to picking me. XD

I've gotten similar in the past but usually if I close the page or go back I can get out of it. Then I go to their adblocker and activate it. Only lasts 24 hours but in the meantime I don't get any of those ads.

I've had it happen with several different sites I've gone on, not just

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