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Oh, no. I've been plagiarized!

Well, I knew it was bound to happen eventually.  It took 2 1/2 years (at least, as far as I know).  The person took the first lemon from Metamorphosis (chapter 26) and added it to her own story (on  It was mostly word-for-word, but she deleted some parts and sprinkled a few of her own words here and there.  No doubt about the plagiarism though. 

It wasn't even good plagiarism.  Any reader who wasn't half-asleep would ask herself, "since when can this person write like this?  Where did all the spelling and grammar errors, and generally mediocre writing go?"  The most *facepalm*-worthy part is that whenever she interspersed her own words, she screwed them up!  There's not a spelling error in sight in my (edited) work, but she sticks one in!  *headdesk*

Anyway, here's the message I sent to Guardian angel9186:


“It was brought to my attention that chapter 13 of your story "Losing a Bet, and Turning Hanyou" plagiarized chapter 26 of my story "Metamorphosis." After investigating for myself, I saw that the alert reader was right. 

 I will give you 24 hours to delete the portions of the chapter which you stole from my story. I feel this is very generous. I'm giving you a small window before I report you to the site admins, and I sent you a PM instead of leaving an open review. I'm not even lecturing you, which I would feel fully justified in doing. It should be enough for you to know that seeing my work stolen and posted as belonging to someone else was very upsetting. Especially because I consider that passage one of the finest I have ever written. 

 My advice is to take down my work and kick this nasty habit now. It will only lead you down a dark, lonely road.”


How was that? Was I too nice or mean? Also, does anyone have experience with reporting abuse on Are the admins good about responding and taking appropriate action in a timely manner? 

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I've not dealt with plagiarism myself, but I tend to be pretty aggressive with that sort of thing and probably would have foregone the pm and went straight to reporting. Hpe it gets resolved soon. :3

Gosh... wow. I don't know that I would have been so nice. I definately would have called them on it, though. I hope she doesn't make you drag her down. Good luck, Baka-honey.

Sunset Miko was successful in having a plagiarized version of Menage Au Inu pulled down from ffnet.

Luxken27 is having a harder getting a Kid's Inc. story which someone stole and combined with another story to fit his OTP. The plagiarism was posted on a Kids,Inc site not ffnet where Luxken's story was published.

There is an organization called stopplagiarism which does nothing but deal with such acts.

Thanks for the info. I can see how it would be hard to remove something posted on someone else's website. I just reported her to, so hopefully stopplagiarism won't be necessary.

Welcome to the club! ;p I've had stuff plagiarized too. It sucks. It only takes slightly more effort to write one's own stuff too. *shakes head* I don't get why people do it, cuz even if it's a great piece of work you stole, you're getting accolades for someone else's work. XD Seriously... and the only way to improve one's writing to a better level is to keep writing.

Hopefully they'll take it down quick!

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